Barcelona Events: 27 July Level 42 concert at Palau de la Música

26 07 2012

Even today the resounding success of tunes like “Something About You” or “Running In The Family” – pieces that in some cases continue to be played on many dance floors – is remembered. They are among the songs that formed part of the soundtrack to the lives of millions of people who were young in the eighties and nineties. They are the hits released by a British pop-funk-soul band called Level 42. Founded in 1979, the group led by the bass virtuoso Mark King put out their first hit, “Lessons In Love”, in 1981. From then until the mid-nineties, Level 42 became one of the emblematic quality pop groups with their “sophisti-pop” or dance rock, as some called it. For a good many years they topped the charts with a style drawing on the best traditions of pop and black music. It is a formula that has lasted down to our time, as everyone attending the most glamorous possible opening of the San Miguel Mas i Mas Festival’12 will be able to find out for themselves.

Source: San Miguel Mas i Mas Festival